Just because you're a soletrader doesn't mean you're on your own . . . 

Magpie Taxation where accounting takes a detour into the wild and wonderful world of sole traders and CIS subcontractors. We're not your average number crunchers - we've stepped out of the box and offer services that are delightfully left field. Get ready for an accounting experience like no other:

  1. Financial Wizardry for Lone Rangers: Calling all sole traders, we've got the tricks up our sleeves to turn your financial woes into pure magic. Our accounting wizards will conjure up financial statements that will leave you in awe. Prepare to be amazed as we transform mundane numbers into a spellbinding performance.

  2. CIS Subcontractor Sorcery: We're masters of the CIS game, and we'll weave our accounting sorcery to help you navigate the complexities of subcontracting. From handling deductions to deciphering compliance, we'll cast a spell of efficiency and ensure you're on the right side of HMRC.

  3. Tax Tango for Solo Performers: Taxes don't have to be a solo dance. Join us on the Tax Tango floor, where we'll lead you through intricate steps and daring moves to minimize your tax burden. We'll make sure you're tax-ready while keeping the rhythm of your business in perfect sync.

  4. Bookkeeping Circus Extravaganza: Welcome to the Bookkeeping Circus, where we'll perform awe-inspiring acts of financial acrobatics. Our skilled accountants will juggle receipts, balance budgets on tightropes, and tame unruly spreadsheets. It's a show that will keep you entertained and your books in tip-top shape.

  5. Payroll Carnival: Step right up to the Payroll Carnival, where we'll transform payroll processing into a delightful spectacle. Our payroll ringmasters will crack the whip on calculations, tame tax, and ensure your payments are as accurate as a knife-thrower's aim. It's a payroll show you won't want to miss.

  6. Eccentric Financial Analysis: Prepare to have your financial world turned upside down with our eccentric financial analysis. We'll explore your numbers from unexpected angles, uncovering hidden patterns and unusual insights. Our offbeat approach will leave you scratching your head and seeing your business in a whole new light.