Expert advice for Companies & Directors

At Magpie Taxation we've left the beaten path and ventured into the wild and wacky world of accounting. 

We're not your typical number crunchers - we like to shake things up and offer services to Limited companies and directors that are completely out of left field. Buckle up and get ready for a unique accounting experience:

  1. Financial Alchemy: Prepare to witness the mystical art of financial alchemy. Our accountants have mastered the ancient secrets of turning pennies into pounds and spreadsheets into pure gold. We'll make your financial statements shimmer and sparkle, leaving you wondering if magic is at play.

  2. Taxidermy (The Tax Kind, Not the Animal Kind): Our tax experts are masters of taxidermy, but not in the traditional sense. We'll take your tax situation, dissect it with surgical precision, and craft it into a masterpiece of tax optimization. Rest assured, no animals will be harmed in the process.

  3. Quantum Bookkeeping: Step into the quantum realm of bookkeeping, where numbers exist in multiple states simultaneously. Our bookkeepers will defy the laws of traditional accounting, juggling parallel universes of financial records with ease. It's accounting that's both mind-boggling and mind-expanding.

  4. Payroll Olympics: Join us for the Payroll Olympics, where accuracy and speed compete for the gold medal. Our payroll team will sprint through calculations, hurdle over tax deductions, and pole vault over HR hurdles. Expect a thrilling show that will leave you breathless and your employees cheering.

  5. Corporate Astrology: We've tapped into the cosmos to bring you a truly out-of-this-world service. Our corporate astrologers will consult the stars and planets to guide your business decisions. Whether it's choosing the right time to launch a new product or predicting market trends, we've got the celestial insights you never knew you needed.

  6. Financial Analysis with Mind Reading: Our financial analysts possess a secret power - mind reading. They'll analyze your financial data and also decipher your thoughts and desires, providing insights that go beyond numbers. It's accounting mixed with psychic abilities, creating an analysis experience you won't find anywhere else.

  7. Company Secretarial Circus: Step right up to the Company Secretarial Circus, where compliance takes center stage. Our team will juggle legal paperwork, balance on the tightrope of statutory requirements, and perform death-defying acts of administrative acrobatics. It's corporate governance like you've never seen before.
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