Fuel Shortage Tax Relief

September 27, 2021

Most of us have seen the long queues at petrol stations over the past few days. Even more likely, you have had to wait in line to fill up your own vehicle. But why are people queuing up now?

Recently there has been a shortage of HGV drivers which means less lorries transporting fuel. Covid restrictions and Brexit are suggested to have also delayed fuel deliveries. This combination of factors has created distribution problems as deliveries are arriving less often. The shortage is caused by issues with transporting fuel from distribution terminals to petrol stations.

The British oil and gas company, BP, are one of the main suppliers involved. They had to temporarily close some of their petrol stations due to the current shortage of lorry drivers. The company said, in a statement given to the BBC, that they are working hard to address the issues. It is possible that these issues and closures were what lead to panic buying as people suspected that they might be unable to get fuel in the upcoming week.

The government reported that there is sufficient fuel in the country, but panic buying has now left some drivers without access to it. Some locations are doing their best to prioritise providing fuel to essential workers, such as healthcare workers, to reduce the impact on those who need to travel for work.

Although, those who are not considered to be essential workers also have to travel for work. Most of us have concerns about having access to fuel for our journey to and from work. While there is no way for us to control the delivery of fuel, if you're employed and use your own vehicle to travel to temporary workplaces, we can help you claim tax relief on fuel costs.

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