Eco Friendly Accounting?

October 6, 2019

Is there such thing as an eco-friendly accountant?   Probably not but here at Magpie Taxation, we are committed to employing best practice wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint and those of our clients.

We do this in the following ways -

1) We encourage online meetings wherever possible, of course you are welcome at the Magpie Offices for a cup ot tea and we'll happily travel to you but if we can work via video, that's one less vehicle on the road!

2) Online accounting uploads. We don't want you printing reams of paper and putting them in the post, we'll have to destroy them afterwards anyway. So just use our FREE FILE UPLOAD on the website and send it electronically.

3) Paperless invoicing and estimates, again unless you really ask for it, we are committed to electronic invoicing to reduce our carbon footprint.

4) Receipts, great for accountants, not so good for the environment. But next time when you get asked "do you want a receipt?", if they can email you a receipt then that works better for us, for you and of course the enviroment.

We are currently trying several receipt scanning packages to enable our clients to seamlessly record their expenses. More news on this will follow in due course.‍

The world is changing, climate problems are real and we must all change with it and play our part for the next generation and beyond. Accounting has also changed, gone are the days of the bespectacled man pouring over reams of paperwork and ledgers. Accounting has moved fully into the internet age and Magpie Taxation have stayed at the forefront of this technology, this is our committment to the environment and we urge our customers to follow us.

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