The Magpie Charity Challenge!

October 6, 2019

At Magpie Taxation, we believe strongly in giving back to our community and with this being said, our Director Dan has decided the team are going to do a charity challenge in 2020.

But he really isn't sure what he wants to do yet, so we are opening this challenge up to all our Magpie customers, friends and families, and even the general public!

We need the following suggestions from you -

1) A charity challenge for our fearless Magpie team to undertake in 2020, it can be one challenge or a whole series, it's up to you!

2) Suggestions for a charity that is close to your heart and a couple of short paragraphs explaining why we should consider your charity

We are going to leave this running until December 31st 2019 and will announce the results in the New Year. (please keep all suggestions clean and non-life threatening!)

Send your suggestions to, comment on this post or message us through Facebook

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